Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CMAD, Day 2, 2013

Just before breakfast each morning, the CMAD camp gathers at the picnic area for announcements and the blessing.  This morning I met them at the picnic area just to see how they were doing as a camp.  Every camper was excited about the new day and all the activities they would experience.  It is a beautiful morning at Redwood Glen and the kids were looking forward to a hearty breakfast and a fun day.

At the meal, I walked around and had a conversation with each person to get material for this blog.  They were so busy eating that they seemed to have nothing to say at first.  After spending some time with them, I got some good comments for all you who are reading this account.

Here is what they said...
Shepherd right won the counselor hunt last night and a big blowup trophy.
One camper didn't speak but gave me a big smile and a thumb's up for the week.
One of the girls cabins had an internal issue but worked it out.
This morning a male counselor spilled some eggs on this shirt but still managed to eat the eggs.
During the counselor hunt last night, none of the girl counselors were found but the boys were easy to find. Speaker Danny was found but Larry's record of not being found continues for another year.
Redwood Glen is an awesome place.
The swimming pool is a cool, cold pool and is a lot of fun.
The hash browns this morning are so good.
When you mix orange juice with apple juice, you get a blended fruit salad taste that makes your lips tingle.
One of the girls told me that she got the workshop she wanted.
Dinner is the best said one camper.
Campers like the carrot cake last night.
Brook side is the best cabin proclaimed another camper.
Drama is fun!
I liked the new slingshot range.
Camp is awesome, I love it.

As I am writing this blog, I can hear the sweet voices of children singing.  It is a beautiful sound and one that you will enjoy on Saturday.  God bless.


PS  Our photographer was ill on Tuesday so no pictures have been posted yet.  Tuesday's pictures were taken however and should be posted soon after lunch today.  Thanks for your patience.

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