Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well everyone, our program camps have ended for this summer.  I spent a considerable amount of time closely observing our sessions this summer and come away with the following thoughts...
  • We had more campers attend Redwood Glen this year than last summer.
  • Camp is wonderful for allowing kids the opportunity to enjoy new and exciting activities.
  • Camp is a great place to make new friends, some of which will last a lifetime.
  • Camping at Redwood Glen is the perfect place to experience God's nature in the Redwood forest.
  • Christian camping is an excellent place to find God and grow in your faith.
  • The volunteer directors and their staff were totally dedicated and committed to giving each child an experience of a lifetime.  There was loving care offered to each and every child.
  • The resource staff of Redwood Glen  (program, kitchen, maintenance, and administration) went beyond the call of duty to give all the campers the quality experience they deserved.
  • We added some new activities which the campers really enjoyed.  We will continue to add new resources each summer to interest the campers.
  • The food was enjoyed  all summer long.
  • The weather was fantastic.
  • God was with us and provided the perfect setting to come into all of our hearts.
2012 Redwood Glen Summer Staff
We have plans to make next year even better and more exciting than this.  Our staff is already evaluating this season while making plans to bring in more campers, activities and resources.

Thank you all for being a part of the summer of 2012.  We look forward to your return and would ask you to invite your friends and family members to join you in 2013.  The dates for next year's camps are...
Discovery Camp     June 16-21
Children's Music & Drama Camp     June 24-29
Junior Adventure     July 8-13
Youth Music and Drama Camp     July 8-13
Jr High Camp     July 15-19
Sr High Camp     July 15-19

Also, be on the lookout for a new Family Camp that we are developing.  This will be a multi-generational event designed for Grandparents, Parents and Grandchildren (or any combination) to experience Christian camping together.  It promises to be lots of fun for the entire family.

This has been a great summer for me and I learned so much about Redwood Glen and the programs that take place here.  It was also fun to share with parents and campers through our blog.  If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation about programs at Redwood Glen, please don't hesitate to email me at exec@redwoodglen.com.

Friday, July 20, 2012


This is the final day of Jr & Sr High Camp for 2012.  It has been a week of fun activities, developing relationships and spirit filled worship.  The director of this camp said that it is "incredible to have young people show up and watch as God moves among them.  It is also exciting when kids can verbalize what God is doing in their lives."

The pool games yesterday afternoon were wonderful.  There was some good hearted competition among the kids who played a variety of games and for me the highlight was the high diving contest.  Most campers participated in the events and all had a good time.

The campfire was very inspiring last night as people shared their testimonies and and enjoyed the fellowship around the campfire.  Lots of tears flowed as campers realized that their time together for this year was coming to an end.  The campfire did go late which meant comments this morning for the blog were difficult to come by.

This morning some of the comments were...

  • The campfire was amazing!
  • I'm tired!
  • This was the best week ever.
  • I don't want to leave
  • The talent show was terribly good.
  • Sunshine cabin was good.
  • This bacon is really good

I have included the camp picture and wish to thank the Jr & Sr High Director and his staff for all their hard work this week.  They not only cared for the campers needs but cared for their souls as well.  See you next year.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This morning the campers were in great spirits and ready for another day at camp.   Breakfast was great and again, there were many positive comments on the quality of the food.  The sausage, waffles and eggs were well received.

Yesterday, the campers thought the creek stomping was cool and some almost caught a crawdad.  They returned wet and tired having enjoyed their trek in the water.

Some camper comments from this morning...

  • Everyone is going to cry at tonight's campfire.
  • This place is awesome!
  • I don't want to leave.
  • I joined the family because last night I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
  • This is the best camp in the whole wide world.
  • We are excited about the talent show tonight.
  • My clothes still smell like a campfire.
  • Redwood Glen is amazing.
  • I don't know. (what to say?)

Today's Chapel message was from Matthew 28:20  "And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
Campers were reminded that they are never alone and that God is always with them.  In the bible, when people felt alone, that is when God did some amazing things in their lives.

The schedule for today calls for...
Archery finals to begin.
This afternoon, there will be pool games with some extreme competition.
Tonight, some testimonials will be shared at the campfire.

When last I saw the kids, they all were on their way to the daily workshops.  Have a great day everyone.

PS Have you checked all the pictures out on our picture blog?  Go to pictures.redwoodglen.com and see some great shots.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is a beautiful day at Redwood Glen.  When I spoke to the campers at breakfast, they were in good spirits and certainly very hungry.

Last night was the traditional counselor hunt.  There was lots of activity and noise around camp as the campers ventured out to find hiding counselors.  Things were going strong when a small group of kids got too close to the home of some angry flying insects.  Needless to say, the game ended early and more importantly everyone was fine.  Afterward, campers enjoyed the campfire which featured s'mores ( a camp favorite).

This week's Camp Director was sharing the he is learning that Faith = Trust.  Last night when his plans were not going quite as he had planned, he was reminded that God is in charge and in the noise and confusion often says relax, don't you trust me?

Some camper remarks...
I lost my pants last night!
The archery tournament got off to a good start.
I liked the s'mores.
I loved the campfire.  It was emotional sharing it with my friends.  We felt very close to God.  It was a good time for stories that speak to our hearts.
Everybody at the campfire felt like family.
Hey, the band showed up for breakfast.
7 out of 10 people were able to start a fire with a flint and striker at a workshop.
The blue eyed camper is undefeated at carpet-ball.  (Make that was undefeated.)

Today, campers will be playing group games at Indian Point followed by "Creek Stomping".  Tonight will  be an evening swim with games at the pool.

From my view point, people are really enjoying their experience.

PS don't forget to check on the pictures.redwoodglen.com blog for some great pictures of this camp.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When I visited the campers this morning, the most important thing on their minds was eating breakfast.  Several mentioned how good the food was and the sausages were especially tasty.  All were enjoying themselves and I got a variety of comments from people to share with you all.  Here is what they told me...

  • We had great activities last night designed to help us make new friends.
  • Camp is fun!
  • Although camp is a place to have fun, it's also a place where we can be serious about God.
  • A first time camper told me that he was having fun.
  • This is a great place to learn about God.

Today the campers were looking forward to having some great workshops, swimming in the pool and beginning their archery tournament.  After dinner tonight will be the annual counselor hunt and then a campfire with s'mores.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Jr and Sr High Camp began this afternoon at Redwood Glen.  When I saw the group a few minutes ago, they were starting a tour of camp and meeting all the staff.  It promises to be a great week of camp and I will attempt to capture the highlights of the week for you in this blog.  Each morning I will check in with the campers and then post their comments and quotes for parents and care providers to read.  As a reminder, we also have a blog that features picture from the week.  To see them, please enter pictures.redwoodglen.com and enjoy.  These are not all the pictures for the week but just a smattering to give you the flavor of the week.

Friday, July 13, 2012


When I visited the Adventure camp this morning, I found them all busy preparing for breakfast,  Some were cooking, some were carrying water, some were setting the table and some were giving advise to those who were working.  They were all so busy getting ready for their pancakes and bacon that it was difficult to collect information for the blog so I took some pictures instead.

Yesterday was a swimming day as the campers were in the pool before and after lunch.  When they were done, some looked like happy prunes.  They loved their dinner of chili and hot dogs.  In the evening they all played boom-ball and I am told that the winning team did so with a walk-off home run.

There is a mystery at the campsite.  It seems that someone removed all their towels and clothes from the lines and placed everything on the tables in the night.  Hmm.  Wonder who that could be?

The kids are having a great time but look forward to seeing their parents and care providers tomorrow.  Don't forget that when you arrive to pick up your children, there will be a performance of the Youth Music and Drama camp that you can enjoy and we will also be having an open house.  If you would like to have a BBQ lunch with your family, tickets will be on sale at the hospitality tent.  Only $5.00each.  See you soon.

PS  If you would like to see more pictures, check out pictures.redwoodglen.com.

This morning I spoke with many of the YMAD campers in the Dining hall as they were enjoying breakfast.  There were several who commented on how much they loved bacon and again the food is being enjoyed by all.

The upper section of Shepherd has won the clean cabin competition for Thursday and some seemed surprised that a group of Jr High boys could keep their area so clean.  Moms, please note this for future reference.

Yesterday, the group enjoyed sharing communion together and a few campers commented on the fact that people felt blessed to be a part of the celebration.

Last evening was the YMAD talent show. People enjoyed performing for each other and there really are some talented young people in this group.  One person commented that the female dancer dances like an angel.

The group is currently in the midst of their last rehearsal for the day and the musical is coming along well.  I think that parents are really going to enjoy this year's presentation which begins at 11:00 on Saturday morning.

Today, the chapel time focused on Spiritual Maturity and that we should continue to grow in our faith every day.

Some random comments as I visited this morning were...
A blast from the old past!
Stand up comedy is harder than you think.
My aunt is amazing.
The nurse is the best nurse in America.
Grandma's hats rule.

PS Don't forget that we also have a picture blog for you to view.  It is at pictures.redwoodglen.com.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Last evening, a stimulating game of Underground Church was played in which all the campers were involved in  some great conversations and gamesmanship.  The boys liked being sneaky during the game I was told that the girls won.

Then  the Adventure camp had a night hike which everyone enjoyed.  During the hike some campers mentioned hearing drums beating and and heard someone chopping wood.  I believe their imaginations were in high gear.

Following the hike, everyone enjoyed the campfire with brownies as the snack.

The schedule for today calls for the group to go swimming in the pool twice sandwiched around a cookout lunch with the YMAD.

This evening will be their talent show with s'mores at the campfire.

The weather has been wonderful making for a great tent camping experience.

This group of campers is having a great experience.  This morning they slept in a little because of the night hike and when I visited this morning, they were just getting going for the day and were not too talkative.


This morning I made my rounds through the YMAD camp at breakfast.  This is clearly a great group of kids and all seem to be enjoying their experience.  Although morning is not the best time of day to get comments from most of the campers, they did manage to give me some thoughts to share.

Last night was the Night Swim which people enjoyed.  A high diving contest was part of the event and I was told that one particular camper jumped off the diving board and went 19 feet into the air to win.  Several campers confirmed this distance but it sounds like an incredible dive to me.

Campers continue to rave about the food at camp.  Several mentioned how much they enjoyed the menu and one camper said the "food is good but God is better."  One camper thought the waffles were really good but tasted like french toast to him.

The weather continues to remain sunny and warm.  It is cool in the mornings but that makes for a great night's sleep.

Chapel this morning was challenging campers to think about "how do you live in a dark world and still be the people of God?"  In addition the leader talked about following after the values of God and then articulating what matters to others."

Here are some random comments from campers...
We are having a blast!
During quiet time one person's sneeze was heard in every cabin.
Knee injuries really hurt!
Our competition is really friendly.
We enjoyed the creek stomping.
The night swim was fun.
Moore cabin finally won the trophy but didn't want to carry it around all day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 3

Last night was the traditional Counselor Hunt.  It seems the staff is getting so proficient in finding hiding places that the game had to be halted because the campers had only found a few of the counselors.  Apparently only Upper Shephard was willing to venture into the woods to search for the staff where most of them were hiding.  Note: don't worry parents, we have a designated area where the game takes place and we have plenty of other staff monitoring the campers during the game.

Several campers stated that the food at Redwood Glen is spectacular!  One camper did tell me that she learned a lesson which is if you are going to put hot sauce on your breakfast potatoes, don't drink the OJ to wash it down.  Yuck!

I heard that in the cabin competition, Sunshine is on top of everything and I also have seen glimpses of a giant trophy (blow up type) being carried from place to place.

The rehearsals are going well and this morning I sat in on a group session.  I think parents and care providers are going to enjoy the show on Saturday.  We do have some very talented campers this year.

Chapel this morning focused on the concept of "whose life can I make better?"  We were reminded that we are all supposed to be connected with each other and that we were once all aliens and foreigners but now God is knitting us together to be united as the church of God.

The weather couldn't be more beautiful and all seem to be having a wonderful time.


I visited Junior Adventure Camp this morning during their breakfast.  It was a good looking meal of cereal, fruit, french toast and sausages and everyone was chowing down.  It seems as though there is a new food choice with the Adventure campers.  It is called the Bradwich and consists of wrapping a sausage with french toast and then generously applying mustard.  Yummy! They were so busy enjoying the food and conversation with each other that it was difficult to get material for today's blog.  Here are some of their thoughts...

The food is delicious! (several people mentioned this)

Yesterday, everyone enjoyed the creek stomping although a couple of campers commented on the cold water.  Others mentioned that they found soap stones and the crawdads  in the creek.  Many told me that they also loved swimming in the pool yesterday as well.  

Last night's campfire was fun especially with the addition of popsicles.

There were several who commented on the craft project from yesterday.  They used beads and created different animals and objects with them.  Banana Slugs, Alligators, Tie Die Lizards and a cross were specifically mentioned.

The campers all heard a Hog Squirrel calling in the night.  I'm not sure if this is a real animal but it sounds pretty impressive.

Finally, a lively game of UNO was played which included lots of dog barking as a result.

Today, the campers are looking forward to some great activities including Archery and a Night Hike.

These campers are having a wonderful time and it is lots of fun just to be around them

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The staff feel that his is a great group of kids!  They are working together, getting along and listening to direction from staff.  This is a great combination and a wonderful way to start the week together.
Last Night
Dinner was great!  Later the campers enjoyed the campfire and sang camp songs.  A highlight of the music was when all were singing "Up Clucky Clucky".  Then they all enjoyed homemade funnel cake around the fire.
Campers all said that they got a good nights sleep and when I visited,  they were busy eating a hearty breakfast.  Each person is looking forward to today's activities.  They were especially looking forward to Creek Stomping followed by lunch and this afternoon they are scheduled at the pool and chapel time.
One camper said "See you soon mother."


The day has started with beautiful weather.  There were several camper quotes to share this morning...
"I love to be back in the Redwoods."
One camper said that he "got the part he wanted in the musical and breakfast was very filling."
"Everyone is super excited and not tired" (a little bit of sarcasm there).
Two staff were learning Spanish Sign Language.
Several campers thought they heard a raccoon scratching at their door last night.
The left side of Sunshine woke up late this morning.
"The food is great here!"
"This is the best camp ever!"
The nurse said that the campers are a very healthy group.
One young lady got the solo she wanted.
At the auditions last evening, the staff felt that this was a very talented group of young people.
Today the schedule calls for workshops and rehearsal for the musical, some pool time and this evening a counselor hunt is planned.

I was advised to write that "No ducks were harmed in the writing of this blog".

Monday, July 9, 2012

The campers arrived this afternoon to begin our next two summer program camps at Redwood Glen.  It was a beautiful afternoon at the camp and the children and youth came prepared for an experience to remember.

Adventure Camp
The schedule called for the camp picture to be taken this afternoon followed by a time of getting acquainted and then the evening campfire together.

Campers began listening to their musical "Prodigal" late this afternoon which then led to the first group rehearsal and auditions for parts.  Of course the evening culminated with a great campfire and snacks.

Each day I will visit campers and staff to ask about all the fun and excitement that they are all having.  I will attempt to capture the spirit of the camps in this blog and share it with all of you.  As the week progresses, hopefully you will feel a part of the experience.  So please check in daily and read about all the goings on at camp.  In addition, you can also log into pictures.redwoodglen.com and see some pictures of what the campers are doing.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hi everyone,
I thought you might like to see the Camp Picture for CMAD 2012.  Enjoy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Saturday was the ending day of CMAD camp however this posting comes a day later because of the busyness of the open house.

On Friday, the campers enjoyed swimming, playing Boom ball and using the Hamster Ball.  I received various comments on the yummy food, campers enjoying the workshops (especially the stagecraft and drama workshops) and there were several who exclaimed that "this camp is awesome."  The "elbows off the table" song was very popular for this camp and the last I saw, one of the counselors had to parade around the dining hall because he had his elbows on the table and when he returned to his plate, most of his food was missing.

Preparation for the performance was going well and most thought that campers were ready to give it their all.  The props were made, the solos were ready and the campers who were doing speaking parts completed all their practicing.


The performance on Saturday morning was wonderful.  The campers sang, danced and spoke into the hearts of all watching.  It was a joy to watch the proud friends, family and parents in the audience soak up the wonders of the children who were performing.  The presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone as the campers ended with What a Mighty God We Serve.  The directors and staff did a wonderful job during the week of not only preparing for the musical but enjoying activities with the children and genuinely loving them for the week.  Several campers made a decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and all went home with great memories.

Many stayed for the open house activities and participated in some of the games.  Thanks to all for a great week.