Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I visited Junior Adventure Camp this morning during their breakfast.  It was a good looking meal of cereal, fruit, french toast and sausages and everyone was chowing down.  It seems as though there is a new food choice with the Adventure campers.  It is called the Bradwich and consists of wrapping a sausage with french toast and then generously applying mustard.  Yummy! They were so busy enjoying the food and conversation with each other that it was difficult to get material for today's blog.  Here are some of their thoughts...

The food is delicious! (several people mentioned this)

Yesterday, everyone enjoyed the creek stomping although a couple of campers commented on the cold water.  Others mentioned that they found soap stones and the crawdads  in the creek.  Many told me that they also loved swimming in the pool yesterday as well.  

Last night's campfire was fun especially with the addition of popsicles.

There were several who commented on the craft project from yesterday.  They used beads and created different animals and objects with them.  Banana Slugs, Alligators, Tie Die Lizards and a cross were specifically mentioned.

The campers all heard a Hog Squirrel calling in the night.  I'm not sure if this is a real animal but it sounds pretty impressive.

Finally, a lively game of UNO was played which included lots of dog barking as a result.

Today, the campers are looking forward to some great activities including Archery and a Night Hike.

These campers are having a wonderful time and it is lots of fun just to be around them

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