Friday, July 13, 2012


When I visited the Adventure camp this morning, I found them all busy preparing for breakfast,  Some were cooking, some were carrying water, some were setting the table and some were giving advise to those who were working.  They were all so busy getting ready for their pancakes and bacon that it was difficult to collect information for the blog so I took some pictures instead.

Yesterday was a swimming day as the campers were in the pool before and after lunch.  When they were done, some looked like happy prunes.  They loved their dinner of chili and hot dogs.  In the evening they all played boom-ball and I am told that the winning team did so with a walk-off home run.

There is a mystery at the campsite.  It seems that someone removed all their towels and clothes from the lines and placed everything on the tables in the night.  Hmm.  Wonder who that could be?

The kids are having a great time but look forward to seeing their parents and care providers tomorrow.  Don't forget that when you arrive to pick up your children, there will be a performance of the Youth Music and Drama camp that you can enjoy and we will also be having an open house.  If you would like to have a BBQ lunch with your family, tickets will be on sale at the hospitality tent.  Only $5.00each.  See you soon.

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