Friday, July 19, 2013

Jr & Sr High Camp, Final Day, July 19, 2013

Good morning everyone,
This morning as I visited campers in the dining hall, I asked them for one comment that described the whole week.  These are the words they shared...

  • It was fun.
  • Creative
  • Exhausting
  • Interesting
  • Not a lot of sleep.
  • Swimming
  • Religious
  • Amazing
  • Different
  • Awesome
  • Encouraging
  • Exciting
  • Interesting
  • Unbelievable
  • Your worn out by the last day.
  • Should be longer, at least a full week.
  • Wonderful
  • Amazing
  • Heavenly
  • Sosa 300
  • Rejoiceful
  • Thrilling
  • Spiritual
  • Bueno
  • Crazy & Fun
  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Fun
  • Weird
  • Ouch, but worth it.
  • Yum
  • Energy
  • Fun
  • Choice
  • Aesthetic
  • Very fun.
  • Exciting
  • Life changing.
  • I love it so much and had the best time ever.

Thanks for trusting us with your most valued possessions.  It was a good week for the staff to have a positive impact on campers lives.  See you next summer!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jr & Sr High Camp, Day 3, July 18, 2013

Good morning everyone. Today I spent some time with the campers in hopes that I would get lots of material for the blog.  Some kids opened up but most were too busy eating a delicious  breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage patties, biscuits and gravy to share with me.  Here were their comments for today...

  • The campfire last night was excellent and somewhat emotional.  Last night 6 campers came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • The creek stomp yesterday was fun but the water was a bit cold.
  • Campers are looking forward to swimming and running today.
  • The gravy this morning was excellent and tasted like cream of mushroom (as she ate her second helping).
  • I am looking forward to more hot chocolate.
  • Breakfast this morning was pretty good.
  • It has been a great week.
  • I learned not to prank people or you will get in trouble.

Campers are having a great time at camp.  I can see that they are enjoying the activities,  making new friends and learning more about God's love.  They are also a great group of kids.  Have a great day everyone.  God bless.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jr & Sr High Camp, Day 2, July17, 2013

It's another beautiful day here at Redwood Glen.  We have been starting off cool and overcast but usually around 11:00am it clears and becomes a beautiful day.  The same is expected this morning and the campers are having a great time with activities and each other.

It seems that there is a mean ol counselor who broke a campers marshmallow stick last night to keep him from getting in trouble but all is good today.  By the way, the s'mores last night were a hit.

Here are the camper comments from this morning....

  • The squirrels have been having fun in the yard.
  • This camp is full of activities and fun.
  • The night swim was really fresh.
  • I'm tired!
  • The night swim was really cool...literally.
  • This is my first year at camp and I'm liking it so far.
  • Last night, while reading in bed, a bug was attracted to my flashlight.  When I saw the bug, I screamed and woke up everyone in my cabin.  Sorry!
  • Um...I like it here.
  • Everything is, amazing.
  • Boomball was good.
  • This is the best breakfast and last night was the best dinner ever.
  • Uh ah.

Kids were a little more talkative this morning and there are lots of activities planned for today including "Creek Stomping."  Have a good day everyone and God bless.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jr & Sr High Camp, Day 1, July 16, 2013

Good morning everyone!  In my blog, I will attempt to keep you appraised of the happenings at camp.  Each morning, I will visit each table in the dining hall to get comments from the campers.  This morning, everyone was so interested in eating their oatmeal, pancakes and sausages that it was difficult to get them to say much but here is what they shared...

The campfire last night was held down at Indian point followed by a night hike to the outdoor chapel called "Sanctuary."  It was done in the dark with no flashlights so the campers had to rely on each other to move around.  After worship, glow sticks were broken out and they walked back to camp using the sticks as light.  The campers really enjoyed this exercise but a couple of the girls told me they thought it was a little creepy.

  • The kids really enjoyed dinner last night of spaghetti and chicken.
  • This morning the dew was very heavy and wet.  Today is cool but turning into a beautiful day.
  • Campers are looking forward to an evening swim tonight.
  • One of the girls said we need larger beds, maybe queen size.
  • The campers really love that they can hang with friends while at camp.
  • Last night the right side of Moore was really noisy.

I spoke to many of the campers at lunch and they shared how much fun they were having.  Right after lunch, the camp picture will be taken.  Speaking of pictures, be sure to check out our picture blog at  God bless.


Friday, July 12, 2013

YMAD, Day 4, July 12,2013

As I visited the campers this morning, pretty much all they wanted to talk about was the Talent Show from last night. Everyone enjoyed the talent that campers have and pretty much everyone in the camp shared.  Here were their comments...

  • Someone sang beautifully in Latin
  • The jokes were really good
  • The Senior skits were awesome
  • One camper can sing the Periodic Table of
  • Everyone is so talented
  • Some voices are very professional

Comments about other things were...

  • Game time was fun but very messy and wet
  • Breakfast this morning was really good

Comments from staff...

  • These kids have been fantastic
  • The staff are impressed as to how talented the campers are

This morning I sat in on a few minutes of morning devotions.  The campers were really enjoying the talk and I believe they were not only paying attention but thinking about how they could apply it in their lives.  The topic for today was "Serve" and the focus was on serving others and God.  The verse was from Matthew 6:31-33.
But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given unto you as well.  The challenge was to seek God's will in our lives to serve and to be the masterpiece that God has called us to be.

We hope to see you at the Open House tomorrow.  I think you  will all enjoy the presentation of "Friends 4ever" and we would also invite you to stay after for the dedication of our new David M. Sato Nature Center.  It promises to be a fun family day.  God bless.

 Saturday, July 13th, 2013

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

10:00am Jr Adventure Check out at Smith Hall

11:00-12:00 Youth Music & Drama (YMAD)
Camp Presentation in Amphitheatre
Friends 4ever

12:15 LUNCH is served at the picnic area
($5.00 donation per plate)
remember YMAD campers eat for free

12:30-1:15 YMAD camper Check-Out

12:30-3:00  Swimming Pool and Tradin’ Post open 

1:30 David M. Sato Nature Center Dedication at the Stove Pipe Tree
All are invited to attend the dedication of Redwood Glen's new nature center!

3:00 Open House Celebration concludes

JRAD, Day 4, July 12, 2013

The campers loved the wake up song this morning.  One of the staff walked around the tents with a serenade this morning.  As he sang, the verses were very soft but the choruses were quite loud.  Loud enough to wake everyone up for a new day of activities.

Breakfast this morning were pancakes cooked on a griddle over an open fire.  With the pancakes were oranges and sausages.  They looked great.  Everyone thought they were making pancakes with cake batter but they looked good and tasted better.

Yesterday the campers enjoyed going swimming twice and the talent show.  For the talent show, everyone was involved in a skit. The campers especially liked the JCP skit, the Box Warrior skit, the Is it time yet skit and the parody of the Papaya song.  In fact they sang it for me this morning.

One of their favorite activities is archery and the slingshot range.

The staff commented on how wonderful the campers are and that as a group, they are the best.  They have lots on energy and seem to be enjoying spending time in the out of doors.

This is the schedule for Saturday

Remember, your children are in the Jr Adventure Camp and do not appear in the performance but you are welcome to enjoy the presentation at 11:00am.  Tickets will be sold at the hospitality tent for the lunch meal for families who would like to attend the dedication.  If you are attending, campers can eat at the cookout for free but you will need to have a special ticket.


 Saturday, July 13th, 2013

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

10:00am Jr Adventure Check out at Smith Hall

11:00-12:00 Youth Music & Drama (YMAD)
Camp Presentation in Amphitheatre
Friends 4ever

12:15 LUNCH is served at the picnic area
($5.00 donation per plate)

12:30-1:15 YMAD camper Check-Out

12:30-3:00  Swimming Pool and Tradin’ Post open 

1:30 David M. Sato Nature Center Dedication at the Stove Pipe Tree
All are invited to attend the dedication of Redwood Glen's new nature center!

3:00 Open House Celebration concludes

Thursday, July 11, 2013

YMAD, Day 3, July 11, 2013

YMAD is going very well.  Campers are enjoying the experience and the rehearsals are going well.

Last night, the night swim- fun but freezing
Creek stomping was fun, The nurse beat everyone there
Spaghetti was really good
One of the female campers got thrown into the pool by a big bag boy
Another female camper was sprayed with whipped cream by a male camper
One of our male campers thinks he is awesome.  Can you guess who it is?
Talent show tonight and everything is looking forward to it.

Everyone is learning everything so awesomely well for Saturday! 

Saturday should be a fun day for all.  We will give you more information tomorrow.  God bless.


JRAD, Day 3, July 11, 2013

Today's report is short but sweet.

Night hike was amazing!!! (You have to put 3 exclamation marks) but a little scary for some.
The boys enjoyed beating on one of the staff up in the pool
One of the brothers made excellent  bacon for breakfast
The female counselor is fondly known at “Cappuccino-with-a-splash-of-whipped-cream”

The campers had another amazing day and are really enjoying the experience.  God bless.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

YMAD, Day 2, July 10, 2013

I visited the YMAD camp this morning as they were just beginning breakfast.  This is not the best time to sit down with teenagers as they were not quite awake yet which meant that they were not in a talking mood which meant  they were more interested in eating than talking to me.  Having said that, I persisted in getting some information out of them to share with you.  Here is what they shared. (sort of)...

Last night was "cabin skits".  The campers really enjoyed this time of sharing and especially liked the Retreat Right skit of a silent of a silent movie with a kidnapping twist.
Another favorite skit was by the male counselors who put on the "Do whatever we want show."
The cabin skits were awesome!
Swimming in the pool was lots of fun.
Archery was fun and the young lady who shared that happened to get a bulls-eye.
Top bunks are the best!
One of the cabins thought their group bonded really well last night.
Another camper felt that archery was cool.
The campers have decorated their living areas and most feel that MacArthur Cabin was beautiful.
One camper told me that the shower in Moore was really loud and then she tried to make the sound but all that came out was a roar.
A camper told me that "every corner is an adventure".

As I write this, I can hear campers practicing for the performance on Saturday.  I think that those in attendance will really enjoy what they see and hear.  God bless.

JRAD, Day 2, July 10, 2013

When I visited the Junior Adventure group this morning, they were busy doing camp chores and getting ready for a great breakfast.  The chores were things like collecting wood for the campfire, cleaning the area and setting the tables for breakfast.  Some of the campers were helping to cook the meal.  It was a camp full of activity and excitement.

Here were the comments from the kids...

  • Swimming yesterday was awesome.
  • Creek stomping was also fun as the campers love walking through the deeper water.  Don't worry parents, everything is supervised and our lifeguards go stomping with the camp.
  • Campers love tending the campfire and two of the girls told me that they were able to start their fire with just one match.
  • Last nights dinner featured foil packs.  Campers chose the food they wanted for the meal and wrapped it in foil and laid it on the fire coals to cook.  One of the leaders said that this was the best foil dinner he had ever seen and no-one burned their food.  It was yummy.
  • Five campers mentioned how much they enjoyed the pool and the water seemed warm.  The key word there was seemed.
  • The breakfast this morning of French Toast and Sausages was declared to be "deliciousis"!  Translates to really good.
  • Today the campers are looking forward to the Trad'n Post, swimming in the pool and archery.

Today as I was preparing to leave the area, one of the campers took me aside and said, "Can I give you one more comment for the blog?"  I said sure and he said..."I love this camp!"

God bless.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Youth Music and Drama Camp (YMAD), Day 1, July 9, 2013

I visited every table this morning to speak with the campers and to get their comments on camp.  Several commented on how excited they were about the performance this coming Saturday.  They were looking forward to their first day of rehearsal.

Archery and swimming were high on the list of the activities for the first full day of camp.  Other campers mentioned that they were looking forward to meeting God at chapel.

Here are other thoughts from campers...

  • Breakfast is good and I like the pancakes
  • One girl just looked at me and gave me a big smile and a thumbs up
  • Someone told me that she was glad the auditions are over
  • Everyone is looking forward to working on their parts now
  • Kids are having a good time
  • Camp is awesome
  • Camp is really big (not sure what that means)
  • Kid's liked the s'mores
  • Everyone is so welcoming
  • Hair dryer ( I really don't know what that means)

I'll visit again tomorrow morning and give you a first hand account of what the kids are talking about.  God bless.

Junior Adventure (JRAD), Day 1, July 9, 20132

Hi everyone,
JRAD has begun with a great group of campers excited about sleeping in tents and eating in the great outdoors.  I will visit the kids each morning and share their comments with you.  The first morning it is always tough to get anything out of them but after today, there will be plenty to share with everyone.

I visited the campers at breakfast to find most eating a meal of scrambled eggs and potatoes wrapped in a burrito shell.  Some of the boys had already eaten and were making a model of a tee pee.  All were excited about their day and I was able to got the following information from them...

  • This camp is awesome and fun
  • The view at Indian Point is pretty
  • The food is good
  • Last night we had a campfire with s'mores
  • At worship last night we sang songs like "How Great is our God"
  • The counselors are thankful for coffee this morning
  • Today we are excited about creek stomping and crafts
  • Camp is extremely fun
  • Yesterday we went on a hike near the creek

The campers are having a great time at camp this week.  The weather is perfect and the spirits are high.  God bless.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

CMAD, Final Day

Hi everyone,
Yesterday was such a busy day that I was unable to make the last post on the CMAD blog.  Hopefully some of you will still see these comments.

At breakfast, all the campers could think about was the performance for friends and family.  I received quotes from kids such as, the play is coming today, I can't wait for my parents to see the play and it's a very musical day.

And the campers did not disappoint their audience.  Although it was very warm on the stage, the kids hung in there really well.  They danced, spoke and sang their ways into the hearts of everyone watching.  First we had a puppet show about Jonah and then we were treated to a presentation of "It's Cool in the Furnace". The amphitheater was hoping.  They all did a great job and we so appreciated the speakers and individual singers..

The campers were also commenting that it was their last day of camp and talking about how much fun they had.  Some stated that they were sad to leave friends and this fun place.

It was a really good CMAD camp.  The volunteer leaders and counselors did a great job of caring for the needs of the kids and sharing God's love with all of them.  I know that at least two of the group made a decision to accept Jesus into their lives.  Praise God.

Many of the parents and kids stayed for the wonderful BBQ and then afterward, the egg toss and pie eating contests.  A good day was had by all.  Thank you all for your part.  God bless.


PS This was a comment from an  8 year old boy in the CMAD camp.
I will always love you Jesus.  Jesus can be with me, and I will be with you.  Jesus I hope you are happy where you are.  Jesus, I'm going to be good, but Jesus I hope you have fun.

Friday, June 28, 2013

CMAD, Day 4, June 28, 2013

Good morning folks.  It is another absolutely beautiful day at Redwood Glen and if you are concerned about the heat, you don't need to worry about the kids.  It is going to be a beautiful day here and the temperatures may reach 80.

The campers enjoyed another great breakfast in our dining hall with the specialty of the day being Cinnamon Rolls.  The kids were enjoying them as I visited each table this morning to get their blog comments.  Today is their last full day of camp and rehearsals for the show on Saturday.  Campers are getting excited about the show and sharing their gifts with you all.

I was able to extract some comments from the kids this morning and here they are...

  • The talent show last night was awesome!  There were lots of great acts including the Shoe Genie,  the singing dancing, crazy counselor who played the ukulele, dancing in PJ's, and much much more.  They also felt the hosts for the show were hilarious.
  • Yesterday the group went creek stomping in the Pescadero Creek.  They enjoyed hiking in the stream and rubbing rocks together to make clay for face painting.  They said the water was cold, wet and lots of fun to walk in.  They also said they had to be careful of the small rocks underfoot as some were slippery and people got wetter than they thought they would.
  • Apparently there is a counselor turning 93 tomorrow (not).
  • The cabins are cozy.
  • Retreat Cabin Right won the Tidy Cabin Elf Trophy yesterday.
  • One camper pointed out that even though the cinnamon rolls are good, her favorites were the tiny sausages.

Regarding the open house tomorrow, here is the schedule....

CMAD performance 11:00am-12:00pm
Come join us as we celebrate the Children’s Music and Drama Camp.  All week long the campers will have prepared for a spectacular Christian Show.  Join us  as they perform for you.
[Following the performance, there will be a free will offering.]

Food  12:00pm
Redwood Glen will offer a full BBQ for $5.00 per person
You may bring a picnic lunch to share with your family if you prefer.
Tickets will be for sale at the registration table area.

There will be a time of fun games to watch and participate in
*1:00pm Egg Toss (in field)  

*1:30pm Pie Eating Contests  (youth and adults near picnic area)
[Note: prizes for games will be camperships for next summer]

The campers have had a great week at Redwood Glen.  We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  God bless.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

CMAD, Day 3, June 27, 2013

Good morning everyone.  When I visited the campers this morning they were busy enjoying a great breakfast of cereal, yogurt, eggs, french toast, and bacon.  They were enjoying breakfast so much that it was difficult to get them to talk about activities.  Consequently, today's post is shorter than normal.

The comments that I was able to get from them went like this...

  • Breakfast is really good.
  • Archery was fun yesterday.
  • The French Toast is sweet.
  • One young lady told me that she passed her swim test.
  • Today, the campers are looking forward to creek stomping in the Pescadero Creek.
  • Everyone had fun last night playing capture the flag. They especially enjoyed making the staff person laugh so they could get out of the games jail.
  • One of the male counselors looks a little like Jesus.
  • Breakfast is good here.
  • The counselors are so nice at Redwood Glen.

It is another beautiful day here at the camp and the temperature is just right for all activities.  Rehearsals are going well and all the campers are having a wonderful time.  I can hear some of the music from my office and I think you will enjoy the performance on Saturday.

Well, that's it for now.  Maybe I can get them to talk more tomorrow.  God bless


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CMAD, Day 2, 2013

Just before breakfast each morning, the CMAD camp gathers at the picnic area for announcements and the blessing.  This morning I met them at the picnic area just to see how they were doing as a camp.  Every camper was excited about the new day and all the activities they would experience.  It is a beautiful morning at Redwood Glen and the kids were looking forward to a hearty breakfast and a fun day.

At the meal, I walked around and had a conversation with each person to get material for this blog.  They were so busy eating that they seemed to have nothing to say at first.  After spending some time with them, I got some good comments for all you who are reading this account.

Here is what they said...
Shepherd right won the counselor hunt last night and a big blowup trophy.
One camper didn't speak but gave me a big smile and a thumb's up for the week.
One of the girls cabins had an internal issue but worked it out.
This morning a male counselor spilled some eggs on this shirt but still managed to eat the eggs.
During the counselor hunt last night, none of the girl counselors were found but the boys were easy to find. Speaker Danny was found but Larry's record of not being found continues for another year.
Redwood Glen is an awesome place.
The swimming pool is a cool, cold pool and is a lot of fun.
The hash browns this morning are so good.
When you mix orange juice with apple juice, you get a blended fruit salad taste that makes your lips tingle.
One of the girls told me that she got the workshop she wanted.
Dinner is the best said one camper.
Campers like the carrot cake last night.
Brook side is the best cabin proclaimed another camper.
Drama is fun!
I liked the new slingshot range.
Camp is awesome, I love it.

As I am writing this blog, I can hear the sweet voices of children singing.  It is a beautiful sound and one that you will enjoy on Saturday.  God bless.


PS  Our photographer was ill on Tuesday so no pictures have been posted yet.  Tuesday's pictures were taken however and should be posted soon after lunch today.  Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Children's Music and Drama Camp (CMAD), Day 1, June 25, 2013

Good morning everyone.  Well the CMAD camp came in yesterday afternoon to overcast weather but the spirits were high and the camp got off to a great start.  As one of the leaders told me this morning, the night was uneventful and that is a good thing.

This morning, I visited all the campers during breakfast to hear what was on their mind and I got lots of comments to share with folks back at home.  Here is what they said...

  • This morning, some of the campers saw a beautiful banana slug and there was one in the group that gave the slug a little kiss.  Cool!
  • Campers told me they slept well and there was one young lady who apparently is usually afraid of the dark and yet she slept well through the night.
  • Campers were enjoying the breakfast this morning and made comments that the food is good at Redwood Glen.  They loved the eggs and potatoes.
  • Redwood Glen is fun was a popular sentiment and we are just getting started.
  • Campers were introduced to the plans for the week and are already excited for the presentation that will happen on Saturday.
  • Several commented on the puppets being fun.
  • One camper told me that it was her first time at camp and she is having so much fun. (I spoke to her mom last night)
  • Campers told me that they are enjoying the wildlife at camp and especially the deers.
  • They love to sing and a favorite from last night was Pharoh-Pharoh.
  • Some commented that Retreat cabin is a big place.
  • There was the comment that someone sings well in the shower.

Everyone was in a great mood this morning and promised they would have more to share tomorrow.  Redwood Glen is a fun place and the staff are focusing on loving the campers.  God bless.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Discovery Camp, Day 6, June 21, 2013

Today was another beautiful day at Redwood Glen.  For this last morning, I walked around the dining hall and shared that it was the first official day of summer.  Most were surprised because all they could think about was that it was the last day of Discovery Camp.  Many campers told me they were sad that they had to leave their friends to go home but were happy to see their family.

The talent show last evening was a hit with everyone.  Several mentioned that campers mimicked Mustache Matt and Blogger Mike in a very fun way.  All seemed to enjoy each other's talent.

I did highlight some memory scripture verses throughout the week that campers relayed to me.  The leadership of Discovery camp made scripture cards for the campers using the alphabet as the beginning letter of each verse.  This meant that a camper could have memorized 26 verses of scripture.  There was one young lady who memorized all 26 by Friday.  Well done!

Last night the girls sang "Rise and Shine" to the boys as they were getting ready for bed.

Last night, the campers in Brookside left their shoes out on the steps going into the building.  This morning, they found 6 Banana Slugs on their shoes.  What are the chances of that happening?

Comments this morning were brief as campers wanted to spend as much time as possible with their new and old friends from camp.  Breakfast was again a hit and kids were busy eating and talking.

Comments from campers...
Looking forward to the bacon next year.
Food was awesome.
One child told me that she had the best counselor ever!
And many agreed that Discovery Camp was the best camp ever.

We want to thank volunteer Director Janise and her capable staff for a wonderful week of camp.  Campers had a great time playing new games, trying new activities, meeting new friends, gobbeling down some delicious food, and getting to know God more,  thanks to the work of many volunteer counselors and support staff.  You all are very much appreciated.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Discovery Camp, Day 5, June 20, 2013

Good morning to all you  parents and care givers.  This morning the campers had the option to go on another Banana Slug hike and many got up early to go.  Because they were trying to beat the previous record of slugs found, the group ventured further out on the property.  And sure enough, this morning the group found 163 of those beautiful Banana Slugs.  Of course, several of the campers (7 of them girls) decided to give these creatures a little peck on the back which means they joined the “Slug Club” for 2013.

Yesterday the kids had a blast on the creek stomp hike where they put their discovery skills to work in the Pescadero Creek.  A few campers found materials in the creek to camouflage their faces making them all but invisible.  Although they had a great time, several said the water was a little chilly.

Last night was also the annual Discovery Camp Luau at the pool.  The food was great, the decorations were superb and the action was non-stop.  It seems one of the male counselors, dressed in coconuts and a grass skirt and then dove into the pool off the diving board.

I was also informed this morning that Jerry the duck was missing in action and all were on the lookout for this special stuffed animal.  Hopefully they will find him (her) today.

I continue to get very positive comments on the camp food. And this morning, one of the campers commented on how much she liked the hot chocolate.

Here is a special story from one of this week’s counselors…
The River Maze (campers imagined crossing a river)

On Monday, the kids did a maze.  The maze consisted of a 4 square by 5 square playing field in which the children had to navigate through following one correct sequence of steps.  As the kids arrived and heard about the game, they figured that it would be really easy but soon found out that the only clue that they got was whether or not the sequence is wrong.  As the kids soon figured out that they had to work together and help each other by guiding them through the course and change the path when it began to become wrong.  Eventually the kids all finished the game at which point we sat together to talk about the game and related it to the rest of camp.  We were getting reactions like the bible guides us as the rest of the team helped guide, and the map showing the correct squares held by staff member running the game was like our bible as well, a tool to help us through this worldly life.  My absolute favorite connection came from one boy, at first he knew the maze and was going along just fine but got to a spot he did not remember so instead of guessing, he decided to stop and ask for help and one of the kids in the group later compared that to stopping in life to ask help from God and looking for answer in prayer and the bible.

The scripture shared today was from Psalm 63:1  "Oh God, you are my God.  Earnestly I seek you."

The campers are having a great time in this beautiful summer like weather.  Have a wonderful day and God bless.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Discovery Camp, Day 4, June 19, 2103

This morning the kids had an opportunity to sleep in a bit as the morning hike was an option and not one camper went.  So the fact that they were well rested meant that the dining hall was again a beehive of activity.  Many campers told me how much they enjoyed the food at camp and especially the bacon this morning.

Here are some comments from campers while eating breakfast…

One camper told me that he loves the chef’s food.
My experience at Redwood Glen is great.
I can’t wait to go creek stomping.
While practicing music last night a deer wondered close by to worship with us.
We are excited about the Luau tonight and the evening swim.
A staff person told me that a camper learned to cut their food with a table knife. Yeah!
A camper in Hilltop Paradise shot a bulls eye with a 24 pound bow.
A camper in Brookside right is the Gaga champ.
We loved the glow stick hike last night.
One of the girl campers got two bulls eyes.  Yeah T.

Some scriptures shared with me this morning were…
”Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again, Rejoice.”  Phil 4:4
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.”
“Very truly I tell you the one who believes has eternal life.”

On Monday night, one camper had to go home for medical reasons.  Everyone rejoiced when he returned yesterday and this morning he was having a great time and glad to be back.

Last night, at Indian Point, all the campers enjoyed the wonderful campfire stories complete with a flaming arrow to start the campfire.  God bless everyone.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Discovery Camp, Day 3, June 18, 2013

It is another beautiful day at Redwood Glen and the campers of Discovery Camp are having a fabulous time.  This morning they all went on another Banana Slug hike and found 138 slugs around the property.  We had several staff join the "Slug Club" this morning.  This means that they either kissed or licked one of our beautiful Banana Slugs.  Yuck, was the general consensus about the slugs.  One of the girls told me that they were cold, wet, and slimy.

At breakfast, I spoke with many campers about their experience at camp and got some great comments from them and the staff...

Worship last evening was wonderful.
Hey, it almost rained last night!
I love everything about Redwood Glen!
We had fun folding the counselors laundry.
All the campers enjoyed the morning hike.
Yea!  I passed the swimming test.
A group told me that they loved crafts.
Boomball was a hit yesterday afternoon.
Breakfast this morning was delicious.

Again today, a camper came to me with a memory verse to share.  It is from James 1:17 and reads...
"Every good and perfect gift comes from above."

Today's schedule includes archery, more pool time, an all camp relay in the field and much more.  Have a good day everyone.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Discovery Camp, Day 2, Monday, June 17, 2013

I spoke with many of the campers this morning to find everyone in good spirits.  It seems that most of the campers slept well for the first night of camp.  Kids were enjoying a hearty breakfast and as usual, very talkative with each other.  The dining hall was alive with chatter.

This morning everyone went on a Banana Slug hike and saw about 30 slugs along the way.  One person said that he saw the biggest slug that ever was and another said that he found a tiny slug that was under an inch long.  The hike ended with a morning prayer on Apple Hill.

One camper said that he memorized a verse and then proceeded to share it with me...He said "All scriptures are inspired by God and are useful for teaching people about the truth."

Some comments from campers were...
My counselor snores (girls cabin)
One camper lost her voice (already?)
During the hike they saw a deer and her fawn.
One camper said this was her third year and this camp is awesome!
A boy camper said the food is tasty today.

Campers are having a great time today and very involved in activities.  The weather is perfect and their spirits are high.  Enjoy your day everyone.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013 First Day of Discovery Camp

Hi Everyone,
Well this is the first day of summer camp 2013 at Redwood Glen.  We have Discovery Camp in with 52 very excited 2nd through 5 graders. Registration went well and campers got to meet the staff working with them for the week.  Games in the field went great with lots of noise and excitement.  Then the group ate a delicious dinner with chocolate cake as their dessert.  Tonight will be a great opportunity to get to know each other better before turning in for the night.

Director Janise and her staff have been preparing for months for this camp.  Staff have been trained and are now ready to give your children a loving and memorable experience.  Each day, we will keep you posted as to the activities that the campers are enjoying and any special comments that are heard at activities and meals.  Check in with us daily to stay informed and don't forget to check out the camp pictures.