Friday, June 21, 2013

Discovery Camp, Day 6, June 21, 2013

Today was another beautiful day at Redwood Glen.  For this last morning, I walked around the dining hall and shared that it was the first official day of summer.  Most were surprised because all they could think about was that it was the last day of Discovery Camp.  Many campers told me they were sad that they had to leave their friends to go home but were happy to see their family.

The talent show last evening was a hit with everyone.  Several mentioned that campers mimicked Mustache Matt and Blogger Mike in a very fun way.  All seemed to enjoy each other's talent.

I did highlight some memory scripture verses throughout the week that campers relayed to me.  The leadership of Discovery camp made scripture cards for the campers using the alphabet as the beginning letter of each verse.  This meant that a camper could have memorized 26 verses of scripture.  There was one young lady who memorized all 26 by Friday.  Well done!

Last night the girls sang "Rise and Shine" to the boys as they were getting ready for bed.

Last night, the campers in Brookside left their shoes out on the steps going into the building.  This morning, they found 6 Banana Slugs on their shoes.  What are the chances of that happening?

Comments this morning were brief as campers wanted to spend as much time as possible with their new and old friends from camp.  Breakfast was again a hit and kids were busy eating and talking.

Comments from campers...
Looking forward to the bacon next year.
Food was awesome.
One child told me that she had the best counselor ever!
And many agreed that Discovery Camp was the best camp ever.

We want to thank volunteer Director Janise and her capable staff for a wonderful week of camp.  Campers had a great time playing new games, trying new activities, meeting new friends, gobbeling down some delicious food, and getting to know God more,  thanks to the work of many volunteer counselors and support staff.  You all are very much appreciated.

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