Thursday, June 27, 2013

CMAD, Day 3, June 27, 2013

Good morning everyone.  When I visited the campers this morning they were busy enjoying a great breakfast of cereal, yogurt, eggs, french toast, and bacon.  They were enjoying breakfast so much that it was difficult to get them to talk about activities.  Consequently, today's post is shorter than normal.

The comments that I was able to get from them went like this...

  • Breakfast is really good.
  • Archery was fun yesterday.
  • The French Toast is sweet.
  • One young lady told me that she passed her swim test.
  • Today, the campers are looking forward to creek stomping in the Pescadero Creek.
  • Everyone had fun last night playing capture the flag. They especially enjoyed making the staff person laugh so they could get out of the games jail.
  • One of the male counselors looks a little like Jesus.
  • Breakfast is good here.
  • The counselors are so nice at Redwood Glen.

It is another beautiful day here at the camp and the temperature is just right for all activities.  Rehearsals are going well and all the campers are having a wonderful time.  I can hear some of the music from my office and I think you will enjoy the performance on Saturday.

Well, that's it for now.  Maybe I can get them to talk more tomorrow.  God bless


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