Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday (MIDE)

On the last day of camp, I typically ask the campers for a one word description for the entire week.  This morning at breakfast, everyone enjoyed cinnamon buns with their meal and they were a huge hit.   While eating, these comments were shared by the kids this morning.
  • Glamorous.
  • Nicetobewithmycousins.
  • Fantastic
  • Fun.
  • Good.
  • Awesome.
  • Alright.
  • Exciting.
  • OK.
  • Cinnamon.

One camper had to leave early this morning.  Before his parents came, he and some others went on a short hike.  It was during the hike that he shared that Redwood Glen is the best place on earth because you get to know about God and camping.

Camp can be a life changing experience.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve your children.

Saturday (CMAD)

On the last morning of camp, I typically ask the campers for one word that describes the entire week.  This morning the kids were ready to share as they get ready for the performance.  Here are their comments...
  • Campfire was hot.
  • Fun - two campers shared this thought.
  • Awesome - four campers shared this thought.
  • Swimming - four campers shared this thought.
  • Magnificent.
  • Butter.
  • Scrumptious.
  • Fantabulous.
  • Perfect.
  • Nervous.
  • Amazing
  • Delicious.
  • Supreme.
  • No hood this morning.
  • Outstanding.
  • Hot Chocolate.
  • Cinnamon Rolls.
  • Epic.
  • Ultimate.
  • Messy Room.
  • Marvelous.

It was great having your children this week.  Thank you for your trust.

Friday (MIDE)

I found this group to be very active but less likely to share much with me.  Breakfast was pretty much the same on Friday.  They are having a good time but getting them to say much is difficult.  Having said that, here are the comments for today.
  • Bacon rules.
  • Skits last night were great.
  • Jesse's grandma.
  • He who must not be named modeled in the talent show.
  • The togas at the show were valued at $300.
  • It has been a good morning.
  • The hand puppets were really good.
  • Liked the talent show.
  • French Toast is da bomb.

One camper had to leave early for a piano recital.  As he was leaving, he proclaimed Redwood Glen as the best camp he has ever been to.

When you pick up your children on Saturday morning, don't forget that the Children's Music and Drama Camp will be performing for their parents.  All are welcomed to sit and enjoy the performance.  After, we will be playing a few games (pie eating contest and egg toss) for all to participate.  We will be awarding camp scholarship money to the winners.  Why not join us for lunch ($7.00) and some fun?

Friday (CMAD)

Another beautiful day at Redwood Glen.  Everyone is ready for a new day of activities and having fun.  The campers  were very enjoyable this morning as they ate and shared.  Here is what they said...
  • The French Toast this morning is delicious.
  • The talent show last night was really fun.
  • Taco Thursday was great.
  • The swimming pool got a 5 star rating.
  • Rehearsals are fun.
  • One young lady was nervous about singing a solo on Saturday.
  • We love the bacon.
  • Bacon, bacon, bacon.
  • One little girl came up to me and said guess what?  Yesterday, I became a Christian and I made a decision to follow God.
  • Milk spilled on my let before my tea.
  • Love that cereal selection.
  • The tacos were awesome.
  • The banana slugs were awesome.
  • I love memorizing lines.
  • Most thought it was fun practicing on stage.

See you all tomorrow for the performance.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday (MIDE)

This group of campers is having a great week at Redwood Glen.  The morning is not their favorite time to talk but here were the comments from today...
  • The campfire last night was awesome!
  • Having fun at camp with my cousins.
  • I like devotions.
  • Someone was snoring in my cabin last night.
  • The hot chocolate is great.
  • We like this morning's sausages.
  • Only two counselors were found during the counselor hunt last night.
  • I'm tired.
  • Who dumped a bucket of dirt on a counselors head?
  • The counselors are cool.
  • This is the best camp ever.
  • He who must not be named is beautiful.
  • Liked playing kick the can.
The sun is coming out and it looks like another great day at Redwood Glen. 

Thursday both CMAD and MIDE

I spoke with the nurses this morning about their experience at Redwood Glen this summer. 
They said that all the kids are very nice and they enjoy working with them.  They feel this is a nurses dream job and at some points, its like a vacation.  We have two on camp this week and one of them told me that she would definitely be returning next year.  Yea!

Thursday (CMAD)

I had some good conversation with the campers of CMAD this morning.  They are having a good experience and especially excited about the presentation on Saturday. I heard some of the rehearsal this morning and they really sound good.  Here are some of their comments...
  • They love the cold and hot cereal in the mornings.
  • Liked Wacky Wednesday.
  • Enjoyed the scavenger hunt.
  • They liked swimming in the light rain.
  • Biscuits this morning were da bomb.
  • It was hard t get out of bed this morning.
  • I liked auditioning for the presentation.
  • Ready to play soccer?
  • We have tasty food again.
  • Liked archery and the pool.
  • Liked planning a day ahead.
  • Good breakfast was a comment from many campers.
  • Liked the sling shots.

Things are running smooth for CMAD and the campers and staff are enjoying themselves.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday (CMAD)

Today is Wacky Wednesday at camp.  Meals are switched around so dinner was at breakfast, breakfast is at lunch and lunch will be at dinner.  This morning the campers enjoyed teriyaki chicken and rice and many campers ate with chop sticks. Of course, there was cold cereal for those who wanted it so all were happy.  The CMAD campers were very animated at breakfast and willing to share.  Here is what they said...
  • Campers found 4 banana slugs before breakfast.
  • I'm overeating because the food is too good.
  • Yea for Asian food and chop sticks.
  • I like having dinner for breakfast.
  • We enjoy having two hours per day to do the activities we like.
  • Love the smell of nature.
  • I ate a full bowl of cereal with chop sticks. 
  • Swimming yesterday was very fun.
  • Sunshine cabin won the counselor hunt.
  • Workshops were really fun.
  • Fortune cookies this morning were great.
  • Wacky Wednesday is fun.
  • Boom Ball rules.
  • Chop sticks are fun.
  • The fortunes are wacky.

Camp is going well and I heard some of the music yesterday as I was walking by the rehearsal and it sounded wonderful.  Have a great day everyone, we are.

Wednesday (MIDE)

This morning, the campers were not in a talkative mood.  When I visited them, it was Wacky Wednesday and they were busy eating.  I was able to squeeze some comments out of them but clearly they are all having a great time.  It seems like the morning is not the best time to get comments from 6th through 8th graders.  Go figure.

Here is what they said...
  • Hi.
  • Hi.
  • Somebody's feet smell horrible.
  • More deserts please
  • All the campers slept really well.
  • Last night's campfire was very deep.
  • This morning 3 campers dared to kiss a banana slug.
  • One person exclaimed that this camp is beautiful.
  • Several mentioned how much they were enjoying all the activities.

Today the weather is on the damp side.  Not raining but it is misting outside.  It actually feels good after all the dryness.  We are hanging in there regarding water.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Children's Music and Drama Camp (CMAD) Monday

Good afternoon everyone.  This blog is designed to keep parents informed of the happenings of the week.  I will visit the campers each morning at breakfast and get their comments of the night before, the morning of and what they are looking forward to for the day.  You never know what you are going to get as the comments come directly from the kids.  One note to share is that we are in conservation mode because of the California drought so some of the comments will relate to measures the camp is taking to extend the water on site.

I visited the CMAD campers this morning at breakfast to find them happily eating and enjoying each other.  They were a bit more talkative than the Middle School camp so I have more comments to share.  Here is what they said...

  • The food is delicious.
  • The staff is wonderful.
  • One girl was looking forward to free time and the pool.
  • Making new friends.
  • One person said she was looking forward to the first workshop of the day.
  • Porta Potties Rule.
  • They are enjoying their own water bottles.
  • Some folks like taking fast showers.
  • Many of the kids were making lanyards this morning.
  • One camper liked earning points for being on time.
  • The food is really good.
  • We are going swimming in the pool this afternoon and I am predicting a fun time.
  • It was cold last night.
  • Redwood Glen Camp is awesome.
  • The oatmeal was good this morning.
  • This is the coolest week ever!
  • One camper said he was already tired.
  • We are having the funnest time here.

As the week progresses, I will include all the comments from the kids in an attempt to make  parents feel a part of the experience.

Middle School Encounter Camp (MIDE) Monday

Good morning everyone.  This blog is designed to keep parents informed of the happenings of the week.  I will visit the campers each morning at breakfast and get their comments of the night before, the morning of and what they are looking forward to for the day.  You never know what you are going to get as the comments come directly from the kids.  One note to share is that we are in conservation mode because of the California drought so some of the comments will relate to measures the camp is taking to extend the water on site.

It is another beautiful day at Redwood Glen.  The sun is shining brightly and the temperatures are very pleasant.  This morning, I visited with the campers to get their comments.  This first night at camp is always s bit different as the campers are not in their own bed and sleeping is sometimes difficult.  The kids this morning were very excited about the day and enjoying a good meal.  Here were their comments...

The campfire last night was really fun.  There was lots of singing and dancing.
  • Favorite song last night was...Trading my Sorrows
  • One young man said "let me sleep."
  • The trail mix at the campfire was good.
  • Camp is fun.
  • Breakfast is really good.
  • I am already making new friends.
  • The cabin next to us kept us awake.
  • Sleep was not bountiful.
  • Someone won the Golden Ninja Star.

Tomorrow they are all planning t give me many more comments. 

Friday, June 20, 2014


As I visited the campers this morning, I could see that everyone had a wonderful time at Discovery camp.  Although most were tired, they clearly had a great experience.  We thank all the parents for trusting us with your children and we thank all the campers for making this week special.  For the Directors and Counselors, we thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to make this week of camp unique and meaningful.

This morning I asked the campers to give me one word that described their entire week.  This is what they said...
  • Awesome (times four meaning four campers made this comment)
  • Sunshine right was laughing (one word?)
  • Tired (times two)
  • Yummy
  • Exciting (times two)
  • Fun (times seven)
  • Amazing (times four)
  • Great
  • Blast
  • Superduperduperduperduper
  • Outrageous
  • Spinal
  • Extraordinary
  • Fantastic (times two)
  • Wonderful
  • Delicious
  • Excellent
  • Thriller
  • Miracle
  • Crazy

We invite you to join us again for another experience.  God bless.
See you next year!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


This morning was the opposite of yesterday.  The campers were full of energy and very talkative.  They had a fun talent show last night and they were looking forward to creek stomping today.  Now if you don't know what creek stomping is, let me tell you.  Each camper puts on a pair of old sneakers that we provide.  Don't worry, they are all washed and cared for by our staff.  Then the whole camp marches down to Pescadero Creek with staff and lifeguards to hike in the stream.  This year, the water is quite low so it becomes a fun new adventure that is well chaperoned.  The kids always love it and they find lots of cool things to talk about in the water and under the rocks.  You will see pictures of this activity later on in our picture blog.

Here are some of the comments that I got this morning...
  • The campers are having fun in their cabins each night.
  • One little boy looked at me and said "I'm just having fun at everything!"
  • The pool is very cool and refreshing.
  • The talent show was really awesome.
  • We need bacon!
  • 58 people went to prayer time this morning.
  • God's butterflies had a great devotion last night followed by a group hug.
  • The hot chocolate is amazing.
  • A moth did scare a counselor but she is alright today.
  • The TP's in Shephard enjoyed their Candy Skit last night at the show.
  • There is a Christmas in June party tonight.
  • Several kids told me how much they enjoyed the diving board at the pool.
  • Love those biscuits this morning.
  • The Redwood Glen staff is awesome.
  • Camper "Sally" has a new t-shirt today.
  • The hot sauce is great.
This is another day at camp with warm weather and a beautiful blue sky.  God is good.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This morning the campers were not very talkative.  As I went to all the tables for comments, most were more interested in eating than talking.  I did find a few willing to share their thoughts but this post will be relatively short.

  • A couple of the kids mentioned that they were tired and I think todays activities will be less physical.
  • This morning, many mentioned they loved the ham and hash browns for breakfast.
  • 6 Banana slugs were found on the hike this morning.
  • Last night's activities were perfect.
  • We saw two deer and a fawn in the field last night.
  • On the hike this morning, 12 campers were able to fit into an old redwood tree stump.
  • One girl mentioned that they could smell breakfast from their cabin.
  • Many are looking forward to the talent show tonight.  In fact games in the field this afternoon will be replaced by talent show rehearsal.
  • One young man says that he eats only with chop sticks at home.  How come we have knives and forks here?
  • The counselor hunt was a blast last night.
  • We walked past our counselor 27 times before we found him.

It is another beautiful day at Redwood Glen and everyone is looking forward to what the day brings.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hi everyone,
Sorry about the delay in the blog!  I had posted the information but for some reason, it never got published.  I think it is squared away now so we should be fine from here on.

Tuesday morning found the campers excited and ready for a new day.  Before breakfast kids had a choice of going n a Banana Slug hike or to a prayer time.  Believe it or not but more than half the campers went to the prayer time.  The remaining members of the camp found 13 banana slugs on the property. It was a great beginning to the day.

As I visit this morning, I got some great comments from the campers.  Many of them shared about how good the food is and I think that is due to the fact that the kids love our food but I think some of it has to do with me asking questions while they are eating.  In any event, food is a positive at Redwood Glen and the kids are not going hungry.

Comments for the day...
  • Morning prayer time was really good.
  • The food is delicious.
  • Last night we had a great night hike.  Everyone dressed like shepherds and we all went to Jerusalem.
  • I like the Trad'n Post
  • The night hike was fun shared by several campers.
  • The activities are pretty good and so close to each other.
  • Last night the arrow malfunctioned in the ceremony to light the campfire.
  • Many kids said how much they enjoyed this morning's pancakes.
  • Campers like the way they are not wasting food.
  • One boy said that he was having a great time and others agreed.
  • The cocoa cocoa puffs were chocolaty.
  • Camp is so fun.
  • Archery is awesome.
I need more free time.

This group of kids is having a good experience.  Make sure you check out our pictures.

Monday Night
June 16, 2014

This morning, I visited the campers in the dining hall at breakfast.  They were bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a brand new day.  Most of the discussion around the breakfast table was about how good the food was and what they were looking forward to doing today.  I only got a few comments before they all got up from their places and began to play a game with our Food Service Director.  They were having such a good time that I decided to get more comments later in the day.  Their thoughts this morning were...
  • Great breakfast, the multi-flavors of the meal were delicious.
  • We are already having fun.
  • The activities are very fun.
  • Camp is awesome.
I met up with the kids again at dinner and they were ready for me.  Here were their comments...
  • The rotations were fun today. Campers told me that they enjoyed the nature and the team building rotations.
  • Camp pictures were taken today and the campers enjoyed the time together.
  • They enjoyed the flag making and each group designed their own flag.
  • One young man told me he enjoyed this morning's chapel.
  • Pastor hit the cowbell at the slingshot range three times.
  • The food here is good.
  • The day was fun, I went off the diving board but my grandfather was chicken.
  • Slingshots are fun.
  • Archery is awesome.
  • I'm tired already.
  • Food is good - and healthy.
  • Redwood Glen is very fun.
  • I like croutons.
  • The chicken is good tonight.  What's that, this is pork?  Well the pork taste like chicken and I like it.
  • Go Sea Hawks
  • I love swimming.
There was lots of energy around dinner and everyone was looking forward to the evenings activities.

Discovery Camp

Monday Morning

Sunday was a exciting day as campers arrived for a fun week of camp.  Last night I met up with the campers in the dining hall.  They loved the food and were spending time eating and getting to know each other.  As the week progresses, I will attempt to give you all a glimpse of what is happening through this written blog.  Of course, we will be posting pictures as well and invite you to visit our blog gallery to see what is going on.