Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday (CMAD)

Today is Wacky Wednesday at camp.  Meals are switched around so dinner was at breakfast, breakfast is at lunch and lunch will be at dinner.  This morning the campers enjoyed teriyaki chicken and rice and many campers ate with chop sticks. Of course, there was cold cereal for those who wanted it so all were happy.  The CMAD campers were very animated at breakfast and willing to share.  Here is what they said...
  • Campers found 4 banana slugs before breakfast.
  • I'm overeating because the food is too good.
  • Yea for Asian food and chop sticks.
  • I like having dinner for breakfast.
  • We enjoy having two hours per day to do the activities we like.
  • Love the smell of nature.
  • I ate a full bowl of cereal with chop sticks. 
  • Swimming yesterday was very fun.
  • Sunshine cabin won the counselor hunt.
  • Workshops were really fun.
  • Fortune cookies this morning were great.
  • Wacky Wednesday is fun.
  • Boom Ball rules.
  • Chop sticks are fun.
  • The fortunes are wacky.

Camp is going well and I heard some of the music yesterday as I was walking by the rehearsal and it sounded wonderful.  Have a great day everyone, we are.

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