Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday (CMAD)

I had some good conversation with the campers of CMAD this morning.  They are having a good experience and especially excited about the presentation on Saturday. I heard some of the rehearsal this morning and they really sound good.  Here are some of their comments...
  • They love the cold and hot cereal in the mornings.
  • Liked Wacky Wednesday.
  • Enjoyed the scavenger hunt.
  • They liked swimming in the light rain.
  • Biscuits this morning were da bomb.
  • It was hard t get out of bed this morning.
  • I liked auditioning for the presentation.
  • Ready to play soccer?
  • We have tasty food again.
  • Liked archery and the pool.
  • Liked planning a day ahead.
  • Good breakfast was a comment from many campers.
  • Liked the sling shots.

Things are running smooth for CMAD and the campers and staff are enjoying themselves.

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