Thursday, June 19, 2014


This morning was the opposite of yesterday.  The campers were full of energy and very talkative.  They had a fun talent show last night and they were looking forward to creek stomping today.  Now if you don't know what creek stomping is, let me tell you.  Each camper puts on a pair of old sneakers that we provide.  Don't worry, they are all washed and cared for by our staff.  Then the whole camp marches down to Pescadero Creek with staff and lifeguards to hike in the stream.  This year, the water is quite low so it becomes a fun new adventure that is well chaperoned.  The kids always love it and they find lots of cool things to talk about in the water and under the rocks.  You will see pictures of this activity later on in our picture blog.

Here are some of the comments that I got this morning...
  • The campers are having fun in their cabins each night.
  • One little boy looked at me and said "I'm just having fun at everything!"
  • The pool is very cool and refreshing.
  • The talent show was really awesome.
  • We need bacon!
  • 58 people went to prayer time this morning.
  • God's butterflies had a great devotion last night followed by a group hug.
  • The hot chocolate is amazing.
  • A moth did scare a counselor but she is alright today.
  • The TP's in Shephard enjoyed their Candy Skit last night at the show.
  • There is a Christmas in June party tonight.
  • Several kids told me how much they enjoyed the diving board at the pool.
  • Love those biscuits this morning.
  • The Redwood Glen staff is awesome.
  • Camper "Sally" has a new t-shirt today.
  • The hot sauce is great.
This is another day at camp with warm weather and a beautiful blue sky.  God is good.

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