Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday (MIDE)

I found this group to be very active but less likely to share much with me.  Breakfast was pretty much the same on Friday.  They are having a good time but getting them to say much is difficult.  Having said that, here are the comments for today.
  • Bacon rules.
  • Skits last night were great.
  • Jesse's grandma.
  • He who must not be named modeled in the talent show.
  • The togas at the show were valued at $300.
  • It has been a good morning.
  • The hand puppets were really good.
  • Liked the talent show.
  • French Toast is da bomb.

One camper had to leave early for a piano recital.  As he was leaving, he proclaimed Redwood Glen as the best camp he has ever been to.

When you pick up your children on Saturday morning, don't forget that the Children's Music and Drama Camp will be performing for their parents.  All are welcomed to sit and enjoy the performance.  After, we will be playing a few games (pie eating contest and egg toss) for all to participate.  We will be awarding camp scholarship money to the winners.  Why not join us for lunch ($7.00) and some fun?

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