Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This morning the campers were not very talkative.  As I went to all the tables for comments, most were more interested in eating than talking.  I did find a few willing to share their thoughts but this post will be relatively short.

  • A couple of the kids mentioned that they were tired and I think todays activities will be less physical.
  • This morning, many mentioned they loved the ham and hash browns for breakfast.
  • 6 Banana slugs were found on the hike this morning.
  • Last night's activities were perfect.
  • We saw two deer and a fawn in the field last night.
  • On the hike this morning, 12 campers were able to fit into an old redwood tree stump.
  • One girl mentioned that they could smell breakfast from their cabin.
  • Many are looking forward to the talent show tonight.  In fact games in the field this afternoon will be replaced by talent show rehearsal.
  • One young man says that he eats only with chop sticks at home.  How come we have knives and forks here?
  • The counselor hunt was a blast last night.
  • We walked past our counselor 27 times before we found him.

It is another beautiful day at Redwood Glen and everyone is looking forward to what the day brings.

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