Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Middle School Encounter Camp (MIDE) Monday

Good morning everyone.  This blog is designed to keep parents informed of the happenings of the week.  I will visit the campers each morning at breakfast and get their comments of the night before, the morning of and what they are looking forward to for the day.  You never know what you are going to get as the comments come directly from the kids.  One note to share is that we are in conservation mode because of the California drought so some of the comments will relate to measures the camp is taking to extend the water on site.

It is another beautiful day at Redwood Glen.  The sun is shining brightly and the temperatures are very pleasant.  This morning, I visited with the campers to get their comments.  This first night at camp is always s bit different as the campers are not in their own bed and sleeping is sometimes difficult.  The kids this morning were very excited about the day and enjoying a good meal.  Here were their comments...

The campfire last night was really fun.  There was lots of singing and dancing.
  • Favorite song last night was...Trading my Sorrows
  • One young man said "let me sleep."
  • The trail mix at the campfire was good.
  • Camp is fun.
  • Breakfast is really good.
  • I am already making new friends.
  • The cabin next to us kept us awake.
  • Sleep was not bountiful.
  • Someone won the Golden Ninja Star.

Tomorrow they are all planning t give me many more comments. 

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