Wednesday, July 10, 2013

YMAD, Day 2, July 10, 2013

I visited the YMAD camp this morning as they were just beginning breakfast.  This is not the best time to sit down with teenagers as they were not quite awake yet which meant that they were not in a talking mood which meant  they were more interested in eating than talking to me.  Having said that, I persisted in getting some information out of them to share with you.  Here is what they shared. (sort of)...

Last night was "cabin skits".  The campers really enjoyed this time of sharing and especially liked the Retreat Right skit of a silent of a silent movie with a kidnapping twist.
Another favorite skit was by the male counselors who put on the "Do whatever we want show."
The cabin skits were awesome!
Swimming in the pool was lots of fun.
Archery was fun and the young lady who shared that happened to get a bulls-eye.
Top bunks are the best!
One of the cabins thought their group bonded really well last night.
Another camper felt that archery was cool.
The campers have decorated their living areas and most feel that MacArthur Cabin was beautiful.
One camper told me that the shower in Moore was really loud and then she tried to make the sound but all that came out was a roar.
A camper told me that "every corner is an adventure".

As I write this, I can hear campers practicing for the performance on Saturday.  I think that those in attendance will really enjoy what they see and hear.  God bless.

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