Wednesday, July 10, 2013

JRAD, Day 2, July 10, 2013

When I visited the Junior Adventure group this morning, they were busy doing camp chores and getting ready for a great breakfast.  The chores were things like collecting wood for the campfire, cleaning the area and setting the tables for breakfast.  Some of the campers were helping to cook the meal.  It was a camp full of activity and excitement.

Here were the comments from the kids...

  • Swimming yesterday was awesome.
  • Creek stomping was also fun as the campers love walking through the deeper water.  Don't worry parents, everything is supervised and our lifeguards go stomping with the camp.
  • Campers love tending the campfire and two of the girls told me that they were able to start their fire with just one match.
  • Last nights dinner featured foil packs.  Campers chose the food they wanted for the meal and wrapped it in foil and laid it on the fire coals to cook.  One of the leaders said that this was the best foil dinner he had ever seen and no-one burned their food.  It was yummy.
  • Five campers mentioned how much they enjoyed the pool and the water seemed warm.  The key word there was seemed.
  • The breakfast this morning of French Toast and Sausages was declared to be "deliciousis"!  Translates to really good.
  • Today the campers are looking forward to the Trad'n Post, swimming in the pool and archery.

Today as I was preparing to leave the area, one of the campers took me aside and said, "Can I give you one more comment for the blog?"  I said sure and he said..."I love this camp!"

God bless.

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