Sunday, July 1, 2012


Saturday was the ending day of CMAD camp however this posting comes a day later because of the busyness of the open house.

On Friday, the campers enjoyed swimming, playing Boom ball and using the Hamster Ball.  I received various comments on the yummy food, campers enjoying the workshops (especially the stagecraft and drama workshops) and there were several who exclaimed that "this camp is awesome."  The "elbows off the table" song was very popular for this camp and the last I saw, one of the counselors had to parade around the dining hall because he had his elbows on the table and when he returned to his plate, most of his food was missing.

Preparation for the performance was going well and most thought that campers were ready to give it their all.  The props were made, the solos were ready and the campers who were doing speaking parts completed all their practicing.


The performance on Saturday morning was wonderful.  The campers sang, danced and spoke into the hearts of all watching.  It was a joy to watch the proud friends, family and parents in the audience soak up the wonders of the children who were performing.  The presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone as the campers ended with What a Mighty God We Serve.  The directors and staff did a wonderful job during the week of not only preparing for the musical but enjoying activities with the children and genuinely loving them for the week.  Several campers made a decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and all went home with great memories.

Many stayed for the open house activities and participated in some of the games.  Thanks to all for a great week.

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