Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is a beautiful day at Redwood Glen.  When I spoke to the campers at breakfast, they were in good spirits and certainly very hungry.

Last night was the traditional counselor hunt.  There was lots of activity and noise around camp as the campers ventured out to find hiding counselors.  Things were going strong when a small group of kids got too close to the home of some angry flying insects.  Needless to say, the game ended early and more importantly everyone was fine.  Afterward, campers enjoyed the campfire which featured s'mores ( a camp favorite).

This week's Camp Director was sharing the he is learning that Faith = Trust.  Last night when his plans were not going quite as he had planned, he was reminded that God is in charge and in the noise and confusion often says relax, don't you trust me?

Some camper remarks...
I lost my pants last night!
The archery tournament got off to a good start.
I liked the s'mores.
I loved the campfire.  It was emotional sharing it with my friends.  We felt very close to God.  It was a good time for stories that speak to our hearts.
Everybody at the campfire felt like family.
Hey, the band showed up for breakfast.
7 out of 10 people were able to start a fire with a flint and striker at a workshop.
The blue eyed camper is undefeated at carpet-ball.  (Make that was undefeated.)

Today, campers will be playing group games at Indian Point followed by "Creek Stomping".  Tonight will  be an evening swim with games at the pool.

From my view point, people are really enjoying their experience.

PS don't forget to check on the blog for some great pictures of this camp.

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