Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The staff feel that his is a great group of kids!  They are working together, getting along and listening to direction from staff.  This is a great combination and a wonderful way to start the week together.
Last Night
Dinner was great!  Later the campers enjoyed the campfire and sang camp songs.  A highlight of the music was when all were singing "Up Clucky Clucky".  Then they all enjoyed homemade funnel cake around the fire.
Campers all said that they got a good nights sleep and when I visited,  they were busy eating a hearty breakfast.  Each person is looking forward to today's activities.  They were especially looking forward to Creek Stomping followed by lunch and this afternoon they are scheduled at the pool and chapel time.
One camper said "See you soon mother."


The day has started with beautiful weather.  There were several camper quotes to share this morning...
"I love to be back in the Redwoods."
One camper said that he "got the part he wanted in the musical and breakfast was very filling."
"Everyone is super excited and not tired" (a little bit of sarcasm there).
Two staff were learning Spanish Sign Language.
Several campers thought they heard a raccoon scratching at their door last night.
The left side of Sunshine woke up late this morning.
"The food is great here!"
"This is the best camp ever!"
The nurse said that the campers are a very healthy group.
One young lady got the solo she wanted.
At the auditions last evening, the staff felt that this was a very talented group of young people.
Today the schedule calls for workshops and rehearsal for the musical, some pool time and this evening a counselor hunt is planned.

I was advised to write that "No ducks were harmed in the writing of this blog".

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