Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 3

Last night was the traditional Counselor Hunt.  It seems the staff is getting so proficient in finding hiding places that the game had to be halted because the campers had only found a few of the counselors.  Apparently only Upper Shephard was willing to venture into the woods to search for the staff where most of them were hiding.  Note: don't worry parents, we have a designated area where the game takes place and we have plenty of other staff monitoring the campers during the game.

Several campers stated that the food at Redwood Glen is spectacular!  One camper did tell me that she learned a lesson which is if you are going to put hot sauce on your breakfast potatoes, don't drink the OJ to wash it down.  Yuck!

I heard that in the cabin competition, Sunshine is on top of everything and I also have seen glimpses of a giant trophy (blow up type) being carried from place to place.

The rehearsals are going well and this morning I sat in on a group session.  I think parents and care providers are going to enjoy the show on Saturday.  We do have some very talented campers this year.

Chapel this morning focused on the concept of "whose life can I make better?"  We were reminded that we are all supposed to be connected with each other and that we were once all aliens and foreigners but now God is knitting us together to be united as the church of God.

The weather couldn't be more beautiful and all seem to be having a wonderful time.

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