Thursday, July 12, 2012


This morning I made my rounds through the YMAD camp at breakfast.  This is clearly a great group of kids and all seem to be enjoying their experience.  Although morning is not the best time of day to get comments from most of the campers, they did manage to give me some thoughts to share.

Last night was the Night Swim which people enjoyed.  A high diving contest was part of the event and I was told that one particular camper jumped off the diving board and went 19 feet into the air to win.  Several campers confirmed this distance but it sounds like an incredible dive to me.

Campers continue to rave about the food at camp.  Several mentioned how much they enjoyed the menu and one camper said the "food is good but God is better."  One camper thought the waffles were really good but tasted like french toast to him.

The weather continues to remain sunny and warm.  It is cool in the mornings but that makes for a great night's sleep.

Chapel this morning was challenging campers to think about "how do you live in a dark world and still be the people of God?"  In addition the leader talked about following after the values of God and then articulating what matters to others."

Here are some random comments from campers...
We are having a blast!
During quiet time one person's sneeze was heard in every cabin.
Knee injuries really hurt!
Our competition is really friendly.
We enjoyed the creek stomping.
The night swim was fun.
Moore cabin finally won the trophy but didn't want to carry it around all day.

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