Friday, June 29, 2012


Good morning everyone,
Yesterday was a very busy day at camp.  Most of the group went creek stomping and had a wonderful time hiking and playing in the water.  I spoke to them as they were returning and all enjoyed their time exploring the creek at Redwood Glen.  Those who did not want to go to the creek, went on a hike in the woods with staff.  They learned about Spanish Moss among other things.  When they returned, they shared with the leaders that they learned all about Mexican Moss and then later as they were talking with their friends, it became Japanese Moss.  Perhaps we should all refer to it as International Moss.  Needless to say, that they enjoyed their experience.

Campers had been rehearsing their presentation in the Siden Center but yesterday, they moved to practicing the musical at the Amphitheater and this afternoon will be the dress rehearsal for tomorrow's big show.  Campers told me that they are having fun practicing speaking lines and solos for Saturday.  One of the songs in the musical is "Have you ever been scared?"  The campers have changed the words depending on their situation.  This morning in the shower, some of them were singing, "Have you ever been cold?"  For the record, we do have hot water in the cabins.

A highlight for today is also an extended nap after lunch.  Campers and staff alike are looking forward to this activity.

The theme for chapel today is "Obedience, even when it sounds crazy."  Last night, several campers made a decision for Jesus at the campfire and some of them talked to me about that this morning.

Camper Comments:
Two thumbs up for creek stomping.
It is fun being here.
I love the mystery in our cabin.  (girls cabin)

Here is a reminder:
When you all arrive on Saturday to pick up your children, please park in the Smith parking lot where you registered on Monday.  We have a weekend group arriving about the same time and they will be driving up the hill toward Siden Center.  The CMAD presentation begins at 11:00am at the amphitheater.  Lunch tickets are available for $5.00 at the Hospitality tent and it promises to be a delicious BBQ.  See you all tomorrow.

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