Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Good morning everyone,
I saw all the kids this morning and everyone was excited to be at Redwood Glen.  Last night they played get acquainted games, heard the beginning of the musical and enjoyed a campfire with singing.  Part of the get acquainted games included a game of tag and one of the staff told me this morning that "staff training did not prepare her for running away from the campers."

After a hearty breakfast this morning, they headed to chapel where they sang and then heard a Mr. Potato Head message about how God has made us all special.

The campers are all looking forward to today's activities which include...
Swimming in the Pool
Pool Olympics
Playing Ping Pong
Musical practice
Workshops on puppetry, stagecraft, vocal and choreography training

The name of this years musical is "Zeroes to Heroes."

The campers are looking forward to creek stomping, archery and lots of pool time this week.  One child told me that "things were awesome so far."

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