Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi everyone,
The campers seemed in excellent spirits this beautiful Wednesday morning.  They were so busy with eating and singing "get your elbows off the table" that they didn't want to take time to give me information for the blog.  I finally sat down at a table and had some great conversation.

Yesterday campers really enjoyed...
The counselor hunt.  One group of campers found counselors 9 different times. One of the counselors has longer hair and a beard and as the kids tagged him and brought him back they announced, "We found Jesus!"
The pool Olympics were enjoyed by all.
Listening to the music was a favorite of one camper.

Acting parts for the musical were announced.
The camp picture will be taken.
Archery will be offered. 
Will be another perfect swimming day at the pool.

A comment from one of our lifeguards...
"It was nice to hear the worship while working at the pool."

Here is a reminder for those of you who would like to see some pictures of camp.  Enter and you will find our picture blog.  Have a great day everyone.


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