Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hi everyone,

This is the last full day of Discovery Camp 2012.  It has been a wonderful week of camp for these children.  They have done many exciting things together and have a great common experience to share with each other.

Last Day Comments...
Camper 1:  "I am sad because I will miss my friends, but at least I get to call them"
Camper 2:  "I am happy to go home tomorrow because I miss my pets."

Yesterday, the campers went down to Pescadero Creek to enjoy the water and do some "Creek Stomping."  Here are a couple of comments about the activity....
"It was fun".
"I felt like I had hyper-thermia"

Last evening, the campers had a Luau at the pool with dinner and swim activities. Here are some of their thoughts...
"The swimming pool was warm."
"The chicken was great."
"The pool toys were fun."
"The counselor diving competition was awesome."
"Seth was the best.  Bobby was the best.  James was the best - he did the best belly-flops and the water left the pool."

Here are a couple of reminders...
If you want to check out our picture blog by clicking here.
Checkout on Friday is at 10:00am.

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