Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Good morning everyone,

It's another beautiful day here at Redwood Glen.  The sun is shining brightly and it promises to be another fun-filled day for our campers.

Yesterdays favorite activities were Swimming, (many enjoyed jumping off the diving board) Tie Dying, Archery and Human Foosball.  Yesterday, we also unveiled our newest activities, the Cargo Net and the Tire swing, both of which were huge hits with the kids.  Campers also enjoyed the night hike and activities in the woods complete with tons of Glow Sticks.

At worship last night campers heard the story of David and Goliath complete with a slingshot demonstration and a giant "plastic" sword.  The kids were very attentive.

Special note:
Each day, while campers are out doing activities, the Cabin Fairy makes the rounds of all the camper living areas checking for clean cabins, writing encouraging notes to campers and leaving gifts behind.  The campers don't know who this person is and are always trying to guess who does this.  Yesterday, the Cabin Fairy got this note from a camper and I thought I would share is with you.  These kids are a hoot!

Dear Cabin Fairy,
Why won't you tell your identity?  Some of the girls saw you but not much.  We still wonder who you are?  And please don't say Cabin Fairy.

Also, please meet me at the pool on Wednesday when it opens.  Please wait 15 minutes for me,please if I don't make it on time.

Just to let you know, my bed is the one with the horse pillow and the one with the frog sleeping bag.  One more thing, I hate pink slash red.  I am still keeping the bookmarks.

Plus, I loved the kitten card you gave me!

Today's activities include a Creek Stomp, and a dinner Luau at the pool.

PS  Don't forget to check out some pictures by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this blog. This being my daughters first time away like this, it is great, as a parent, to hear how much fun the campers are having! Thank you and thank you for devoting your time to help our children draw closer to the Lord!


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