Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hi everyone,
Last night went very well with the CMAD crew.  Campers loved playing Boom Ball and  then in the Hamster Ball.  One of the director's commented that the camp is great, the weather is great and the leaders are great.

The theme for today is "bullying" and this focus will be carried throughout all the activities.  The chapel this morning taught the campers that we have been chosen by God to be God's child and that we need to care for each other.  The illustration was that of a shepherd and this morning the one staff member was dressed like a shepherd and the campers were his sheep.  He led them around the amphitheater but when they returned, one sheep was missing.  They talked about who the missing sheep was and then watched as the shepherd went out to bring the lost sheep home.  It was a lesson they all grew from.

This afternoon, the campers are all excited about going "Creek Stomping" and this evening they will have a Skit Night and a Talent Show.

The rehearsal times have been going well and the campers want me to remind you that their program (Zeroes into Heroes) will take place on Saturday morning beginning precisely at 11:00am.  Following the performance, we will have our Open House activities.  Why not make a day of it?

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