Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jr. Adventure Camp (JRAD)

This blog will attempt to inform you of all the cool things that will happen at JRAD this week.  Each morning I will visit the campers and attempt to solicit their comments in the hope that you can read about and enjoy the experience with them.  I will not mention names to protect their privacy but you may recognize some of the postings as comments from your children. 

This morning, I visited the kids as they were enjoying their first breakfast together.  Here were their comments.
  • Campfires are fun.
  • One camper said their were too many chores to be a camp.  (he had been collecting fire wood).
  • One camper was told that he runs and talks while sound asleep in his sleeping bag.
  • One young man suggested that this is the perfect camp.
  • Sawing branches for firewood is hard but fun.
  • It was cold when we got up this morning.
  • This is the best camp ever.
  • We love the bacon.  Some of it is in the shape of a bird.
  • We collected lots of wood for the cooking fires.
  • From a staff; the campers are working together well.

Remember, for this camp, many will learn how to cook over the open fire and some will be able to start the campfire.  They will be sleeping in tents all week with the majority of the meals being cooked over an open fire.  This morning was beautiful in the redwoods and the campers were eating well.  They are off to a good start.

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