Friday, July 11, 2014


This morning when I visited the YMAD camp, I found the campers in excellent spirits and busy eating a scrumptious breakfast.  The best time for me to talk with the kids is at breakfast so it isn't unusual for people to give me comments about the food.  We are always pleased when everyone likes the camp menu but sometimes it is difficult to get them to talk about the activities because they are so busy eating.

This morning I received some great comments from the campers.  Here they are...
  • The talent show last night was really good.
  • Campers had a number of opportunities to highlight their talents.  One camper told me she was in four acts.
  • All the acts were awesome.
  • Love the french toast this morning.  Four campers made this comment.
  • Looking forward to nap time today.
  • The bacon today is very tasty.
  • It's hard to be mad when you are bouncing.
  • The snowball fight was fun.
  • The Churros were good but they were not from Mexico.
  • It is hard to be mad when you are bouncing.
  • Lunch was awesome yesterday.
  • The musical will be fantastic.
  • This week has gone by too fast.
  • I hope dress rehearsal goes well today.
  • The coffee is strongly brewed.
  • It has been a fun week.
  • The pastor's sermons have been deep and meaningful.
  • The Boy Band last night was excellent.  The name of the group: "Retreat Left Minus 1"
  • The talent show was amazing.

Tomorrow's presentation promises to be very enjoyable.  The program begins at 11:00am and you don't want to be late.  Remember that there is lunch being offered at the picnic area.  YMAD participants are free.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.  Adults = $7.00  Youth=$5.00 each.  See you then.

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