Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Good morning!  At the dining hall this morning, the kids were really getting into breakfast and preparing for a busy day. It is an absolutely beautiful day here at Redwood Glen,  The sun is out and the temperature is just right.  It was difficult to get too much information out of them this morning as they were still a bit sleepy and eating up a storm.

Here is what the campers shared this morning...
  • The coffee is really good.
  • The food is delicious.
  • Last night's games were really fun.
  • One camper told me that she got a much better sleep last night.
  • One person said that he got smacked in the face with a pillow pet.
  • Glad we have oatmeal each morning.
  • The counselor hunt was really fun.
  • Several mentioned how much they enjoyed the worship.
  • Retreat left is funny and entertaining.
  • One person told me how much she enjoyed the candles at the campfire.
  • One young man said the "yesterday I had the best baked potato ever."

I have heard the singing from this group and it sounds great. I think you all will be in for a treat on Saturday morning.

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