Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sr. High Camp

The Sr. High Camp is always an enjoyable group.  We have older campers who really want to be here and enjoy everything that Redwood Glen has to offer.  Of course, we typically get kids who would rather sleep in the morning and go to bed very late at night.  So this morning when I sat in at an 8:00am breakfast to get their blog comments, most were barely awake and those who were, would rather be eating than talking to me.  In any event, some of them were talkative and shared these comments with me;
  • The first night at camp it is always hard to sleep.
  • The food is great here.
  • One person told me how much he enjoyed the night hike.
  • The s'mores at the campfire last night were great.
  • Hello.
  • Several were looking forward to archery.
  • A couple mentioned that their legs were getting a workout.
  • The bacon this morning was great.
  • Some of the guys were noisy last night.
  • One of the campers tried to be funny but failed.
  • An unknown camper is a nice person.
  • The friend of the unknown camper is a nice person.

I have a feeling that tomorrow morning will be easier to get comments from everybody.

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