Wednesday, July 9, 2014


When I visited the campers this morning at Indian point, I found most of the campers sitting quietly around the picnic tables either waiting for their french toast and sausages to be cooked or already eating them.  Two batches of french toast were cooked by two very capable campers under the watchful eye of the staff.  Two other campers cooked the sausages and all was done over an open campfire.  Not only did they do a  great job but the food was enjoyed by the other campers.  Everyone had done their chores and they were getting energy for a busy day.

Here were their comments as I spoke with them...
  • Magical unicorns live in Redwood Glen.
  • Raccoons are eating everything left in the grease pit.
  • One camper told me that he enjoys the social aspects of camp.
  • A couple of kids told me how much they enjoyed "boomball" last night.
  • Swimming is a hit with many of the kids.
  • One camper made perfect french toast this morning.
  • Campers enjoyed the morning hike.
  • Camp is awesome.
  • The sausage was good.

There are many cool things happening with this camp and I think you will notice a difference in your children when you pick them up.

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  1. Thank you for posting the blog and pictures. It's been great to see how the kids are doing via your website, seems to be a lot of fun.


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