Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sr. High Camp

This morning the campers were in a more talkative mood.  As I went around, I got some good comments from people.  Here is what they said...
  • I slept like an angel last night.
  • I love the fresh air here.
  • We are so active that when we go to bed at night, we are ready for sleep.
  • The night swim was fun.
  • We enjoyed jumping off the diving board and playing football in the pool last night.
  • Tomorrow, we are going to play volleyball.
  • Yesterday was a hot and humid day, thank you for the cold water in the shower.
  • Thanks for the sausages this morning.
  • Watching the deer with her fawn was fun.
  • I predicted pancakes this morning and I was right.
  • Loved swimming last night.
  • I haven't slept this well in months.
  • The pool is fun.
  • The slingshots were fun and several campers were excellent at it.
  • Robin with a Hood is going down.
  • I am learning to live without a night shower.
  • The camp temperature was great.
  • I enjoyed helping to teach volleyball.

The kids are having a great time and enjoying each other.   I know the message is getting across this week as well.  Only two full days left.

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