Saturday, July 12, 2014


The Jr. Adventure Campers had their last meal this morning at the dining hall.  It was a good group of kids who enjoyed pretty much everything they did during the week including cooking over an open fire, sleeping in tents, swimming in the pool and spending time in the natural setting of Redwood Glen.  Their comments this morning went like this...
  • Awesome (X3 meaning three campers make this statement)
  • Nature
  • Weird
  • Fire
  • Survival
  • Exciting
  • Wow
  • Fun (X2)
  • Amazing (X3)
  • Adventurous (X2)
  • Mosquitos
  • Outstanding (X2)
  • Exciting
  • Crazy

My impression of this camp is that the kids really enjoyed their experience.  They worked together well and felt the presence of God through the staff and in their surroundings.  This was a good week.

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