Friday, July 18, 2014

Sr. High Camp (meant for Thursday, July 17, 2014)

This post was meant to be a Thursday post and apparently I wrote the post and left it in draft version without actually posting it to the blog.  When you read it, please be thinking Thursday, the next to the last day of camp.
  • The girls in Retreat right are loud.
  • The counselor hunt last night was cool.
  • We have the talent show tonight and each cabin is asked to do something.
  • The staff beat the campers in volleyball.
  • The campers beat the staff in the counselor hunt.
  • The french toast is really good this morning.
  • This place is like totally awesome.
  • The talent show acts are a secret to the campers.
  • I'm going to miss camp.
  • One of the campers told me that she normally does not like french toast but she was enjoying the camps version this morning.
  • The food is always good here.
  • Gotta love those pranks?
  • The sun is beautiful this morning.
  • We need more vanilla yogurt.

Everyone was getting ready for another big day at camp.

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