Friday, July 11, 2014


Visiting the campers in the morning is very enjoyable and the setting at Indian Point is glorious.  As I visited this morning, I found all the campers in the breakfast mode.  The campsites were immaculate with everything in its place.  This is a really good group of kids who are enjoying their stay.  They do have their quirks however and when I ask them about how their day looks, they answer as though they have already done the activity.  An example would be.  When I ask them about their hike this morning, they tell me that the Memorial Park hike was fun when in fact they haven't gone yet.  The good news is that they are very enthusiastic and optimistic about their day but it can be confusing. 

This morning they shared the following comments...
  • Looking forward to using the float at the pool.
  • The night swim is going to be fun.
  • Camp is awesome.
  • The night swim was fun.
  • The morning swim was fun.
  • Swimming is fun.
  • They loved playing the Underground Church.
  • Memorial Park was fun.
  • The hot cocoa is good.
  • Frizball ( a game the kids made up) is fun.
  • Lunch at Memorial Park was great.
  • One of the leaders told a great story last night at he campfire.
  • The foil pack dinner was awesome.
  • It is sad that this is the final full day at camp.

Obviously these campers are having a great time at Redwood Glen.

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